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The main types of accounts on the OlympTrade platform

Started by Olimptrade, Apr 16, 2020, 07:39 am

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Olymp Trade.
The main types of accounts on the OlympTrade platform. Distinctive features of accounts.
Demo account.
Opens after registration You will have $10000 demo No risk All assets Mobile application Supported by 24/7.
VIP account.
Profiton a trade - 92% Supported by 24/7 Personal VIP consultant Personal support You will have $10000 demo Mobile application PC application.
Primary account.
Supported by 24/7 You will have $10000 demo All assets Mobile application Video tutorials Trading signals.
Account Types.
Demo Account.
Standard Account.
VIP Account.
What is Olymp Trade?
Olymp Trade is an international online trading platform.
It is an actively developing financial company that exists since 2014. The owner of the Olymp Trade brand is a company registered in Seychelles.
At the moment, the number of Olymp Trade clients is steadily growing. Available trading conditions, service, and modern software suggest that growth will continue in the future.
Olymp Trade: the main advantages.
OlympTrade is considered one of the best companies suitable for traders who are just exploring the possibilities of the option earnings.
This is explained by a number of the following factors: - platform interface is optimized for Russian-speaking users; - traders, who decide to try their opportunities in the financial market, have a fundable demo account of the amount of 10000 conventional units (rubles, euros or dollars). There is no need to make an initial deposit to activate it; - trade transactions (account funding) can be in any of the following currencies: euro, dollar or ruble; - the minimum deposit is 350 rubles, which is equivalent to 10 euros/dollars; - the minimum bet is 30 rubles (1 dollar/euro); - a commission is not charged for all technical operations related to the input/output of funds; - there is a bonus program (the size of bonuses is non-permanent, about 20-100%).
Trading platform.
There are 2 types of option transactions on the platform: - according to the duration of the transaction (from 1 minute to several hours) - according to the expiration time (from 1 minute)
The company takes maximum care to ensure that the functional characteristics of the terminal are clear even to the person who just opened earning opportunities. However, a key feature of the Olymp Trade platform is the option of an early closing of the transaction (it operates almost 75% of the time from the moment of position activation). It is beneficial to use this feature in the following situations: when the transaction is in a profitable position, but due to unforeseen circumstances there is a high probability that the price may change its direction by the time of the option expiration; when the transaction shows a negative result, and prospects for further change in the trend are not observed (in the case of early closing, the trader is limited with a loss of 20-30% instead of 100% of the amount of the bet).
Attention! The function of early closing is available on both live and demo accounts. Therefore, the user can get acquainted with the mechanism of its use without investing his funds. Olymp Trade uses quotations from the largest investment banks and broadcasts the weighted average to the platform.
Trading characteristics.
More than 60 instruments are available for trading; these are the following types of assets:
- Currency pairs (main with USD, cross rates, exotic pairs, cryptocurrency) - Commodities (gold, silver, oil, etc.) - Stock indices - Exchange shares.
Trading on the platform is possible around the clock due to the presence of cryptocurrency in the assets and the specially developed company CryptoIndex. It shows high profitability (up to 70% on a regular account) even on weekends.
Trading is possible with several types of options: classic Higher-Lower and time-options. It is enough to make a forecast for an increase/decrease of the selected asset in the first variant. In the case of trading time-options, you predict an increase/decrease of the price by a certain time. The transaction time can be selected from 1 minute to 23 hours, and the platforms functionality allows you to set your time, for example, 2 minutes.
Olymp Trade has a limit on both the minimum (1$) and the maximum amount of the transaction ($1000). This step is aimed at supporting novice users who are unable to correctly calculate a transaction from the point of view of risk management due to lack of experience. On the other hand, the limit is wide enough so experienced traders do not have restrictions on trading. You can read more information about the broker here.